Nordic meeting 2021

The Nordic Shipbrokers and Ship Agents associations from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark meet every year for Nordic Meeting to discuss topical  subjects and issues of interest to our industry.

This year our Swedish colleagues hosted Nordic Meeting in Gothenburg to celebrate the centenary of Nordic Meetings. In August 1921 the first meeting took place in the scenic Pigalle Hotel in Gothenburg and on the 12. August 2021 we celebrated the 100 years anniversary in the exact same room where our past colleagues met a hundred years ago.

Thanks to Berit Blomqvist of the Swedish association to host a lovely day and evening in Gothenburg celebrating this remarkable milestone. We also thank Gothenburg Hamn Cecilia Magnusson and Elvir Dzanic to host a sailing tour with lunch around the huge and impressive Port of Gothenburg.

The Nordic associations are

Swedish Shipbrokers Association
Berit Blomqvist (general manager) and  Eric Hjalmarsson (chairman), Thor Shipping & Transport AB

Shipbrokers Finland
Sari Turkkila (general manager) and  Tomi Rautio (chairman) Steveco

Norwegian Shipbrokers Association
Hans Nicolai Edbo (general manager) and Tom Engø (president) Strand Shipping

Danish Shipbrokers and Port Operators
Jakob Svane (seniorchefkonsulent) and  Jesper Sebbelin (chefkonsulent)

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