FONASBA: Young Agent Award 2019 goes to Stefan Gielen MSC, Antwerp

The winner of the 2019 Award is Stefan Gielen of Mediterranean Shipping Company, Antwerp. His paper, entitled “Crusade towards correct Dangerous Goods declarations” looked at the problems for shipping companies in securing correct and accurate DG data.

Philippe Oyen, Chairman of the Antwerp Shipping Federation, Gielen’s home association highlighted the issue, saying that: “Next to a correct weight declaration, the pursuit of a correct Dangerous Goods declaration for containers is a high priority for the many container agents”.

Gielen’s paper was extremely well received by the Award panel, with Chair Gunnar J. Heinonen  stating: “It was an excellent, intelligent, informative and forward-looking analysis, spotting and analysing the problems of Dangerous Goods declarations”.

A copy of Stefan’s paper can be found here.

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