Shipbrokers Finland hosted the NORDIC conference in Helsinki

Michael Enberg (Finland) and Tonny Dalhøj Paulsen (Denmark)

Representatives of the Nordic shipbrokers’ associations from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark gather annually at varying locations within the Nordic region. This year, it was Finland’s turn to serve as host.

The event was attended by association chairs Tonny Dalhøj Paulsen (Denmark), Jan-Petter Slethaug (Norway), Johan Ehn (Sweden) and Jouni Ahrela (Finland) and general managers Berit Blomqvist (Sweden), Hans Nicolai Edbo (Norway) and Sari Turkkila (Finland). Additionally, the event was attended by Julie Sara, Lawyer for the Norwegian Shipbrokers’ Association, and, as Finnish representatives, honorary association member Gunnar Heinonen, association Board member Michael Enberg and Mikael Ahlgren.

The event featured an annual review from each individual country and a general presentation about topical issues related to the maritime industry and international trade in the Nordic countries and the EU.

“Contacts with the Nordic countries on current navigational issues are essential. We have a lot of common themes that are worthy of discussion,” stated Jouni Ahrela, Chair of the Board.

“We gain valuable background information from the other associations concerning trends in the Nordic countries and this information helps us to better serve our own member companies. Nordic co-operation within the Baltic Sea region is important to all of us,” says Sari Turkkila, General Manager.

Shipbrokers Finland is a professional organisation whose membership includes 44 companies representing ship agents and port operators, chartering brokers, and liner traffic and container shipping companies. The aim of the association is to promote the operational conditions for its member companies and maritime transports as part of Finland’s international trade. The member companies employ a total of approximately 2,000 people and their combined turnover in 2017 totalled EUR 450 million.

Shipbrokers Finland is a member of FONASBA, the international Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents. Finland is a founding member of FONASBA as well as a member of the European sub-committee, the ECASBA. The NORDIC conference is one means for the association to maintain its connections with the Nordic sister organisations.

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