This website provides information on
maritime job opportunities and is
administered by Shipbrokers Finland


Finland is an island

Goods and raw materials are shipped to and from Finland

  • 80 % of our import is transported by sea
  • 90 % of our export is transported by sea
  • More than 80 % of all transportation is shipments
  • 15 % of the freight value travels in containers

There are maritime jobs also onshore

There are more than 35.000 maritime jobs in Finland

  • There are jobs in ports, shipping companies and offices
  • There is remote work, as well
  • Jobs vary from a docker to a development manager and from a sales
    person to a broker
  • There are maritime jobs also on land


Truly global work

Shipping and trade have always been international

  • You can be placed in Finland – but have connections to all continents
  • Co-workers and job-opportunities all over the world
  • Sailing and trading in all languages – also online


Fossile free seafaring

New renewable fuels will be launched globally over the next few years

  • Your maritime job can have a positive impact on climate change
  • LNG, ammonia, wind, sun …?
  • …what will be the new driving power at sea? What is your guess?


International events and crisis have an immediate effect on logistics

Our working environment changes all the time. Are you a problem solver?

  • Examples: Covid 19, Ever Given on Suez, Russia’s war on Ukraine
  • Effects: Growth in consumer demand, port congestion, search for new routes, freight charges going up (and going down)
  • Who can tackle logistical challenges? Sea logistics experts!

Our work is digital

Shipping is already digital

Trading and information sharing is done on online platforms

  • Applications for container or cargo tracking
  • Electronic cargo loading and unloading
  • AI in use to control actions
  • Realtime information shared with all parties

Take your pick

Interesting tasks with a competitive salary

Here are a few examples of jobs available:

  • Stevedore
  • Customer Service Coordinator/Manager
  • Freight Broker/Ship Broker
  • Ship Clearence Agent
  • Logistics Manager
  • Operations Coordinator/Manager
  • Sales Coordinator/Executive/Manager
  • Ship Agent
  • Ship Agency Manager
  • Ship Broker
  • Foreman

We expect you to

enjoy changes and challenges

  • Love speaking English (or any other languages…)
  • master Excel
  • be a diginative – or a wannabe diginative!
  • know something about logistics or about international trade
  • … speak some Finnish