Shipbrokers Finland is a dynamic and influential advocate for the branch, actively engaging in public debate and co-operation with the primary interest groups. The Association issues statements concerning matters of relevance for the membership.

In Finland, the Association collaborates with, in particular, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Customs, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi, and the Finnish Transport Agency. Important partners include all of the ports in Finland, the Finnish Port Association, port operators and the relevant unions, as well as Finnpilot Pilotage Ltd.

Shipbrokers Finland also pursues to collaborate with other organisations in the field, such as the Finnish Freight Forwarding and Logistics Association, the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY), the Finnish Waterway Association, and the Finnhub association. The Finnish Maritime Association is a long-term collaborative partner in advancing navigational matters.

Shipbrokers Finland has a long history of international co-operation. The Association is a founding member of FONASBA (Federation of National Ship Brokers and Agents), which is an international umbrella organisation since 1969, and of the European-level co-operative organisation ECASBA (European Community of Ship Brokers and Agents), and also involved in collaboration with the Nordic sister organisations.


Statements issued by Shipbrokers Finland